There are cases in which standard production is not enough. That's why if you are looking for items related to our categories, but not included in our catalogue, very likely we will be able to assist you:

  • " Fabrics for bags, sportswear, flags, visual communication and gazebos.
    You can count on our knowledge on how to mix the right synthetic fabrics, weaved or knitted, coated or non-coated, sourced from both overseas or European suppliers, in order to propose the most suitable and competitive solution.
    Available coatings: PVC - PU - Acrilic
    Available finishing: for direct inkjet printing both solvent or water based inks - Fire retardants - High temperature setting for sublimation printing - Anti mildew - High UV Solidity - etc…

  • " Bags and other sewn items.
    Taking advantage of a variety of fabrics always available in our warehouse we are able to sample in Italy. According to quantity and timing, we can manufacture in Italy or China where we rely on a selected long lasting and trusted list of suppliers. Submit us a project! We will quickly give you an idea on its feasibility.

Other items:

  • High Visibility fabrics.
  • Paper and fabrics for inkjet digital photo prints.

According to the product, we will generally put in place the following procedure:
  • Customer's proposal
  • Quick feasibility evaluation; in the affirmative we will be able to formulate an approximate price after a few days
  • In case of acceptance and according to the product, the sample is sent to the supplier to better shape-up the price and confirm the real feasibility.
  • Confirmation or reformulation of the price and payment conditions.
  • In case of acceptance and if needed, reception of the counter sample.
  • After customer's approval, launch and shipment.
  • We would like to point out that, except for the simple initial request, some of the upmentioned phases could imply a cost to be agreed

We can count on the collaboration of trusted suppliers mainly from the following countries:
  • Far-East; mainly China, Taiwan, Korea and Vietnam
  • Italy
  • Other Eruropean Countries

More than 50 years' experience at your service.